Julia Brandenberger
VS The Gold
June 13th-15th, 8 PM
dance, clown, theater

This living room rendition of Bolero is an experimental take on the classic choreography which has been danced by the worlds most famous ballerinas.
As much as this is an external experiment, it is also an internal match between opposing forces- the desire to attain and achieve perfection and the need to submit to the spontaneous and immediate source of inspiration. Ultimately, what Julia discovered is that you need to fuck it up a little in order to open that door for spontaneity- perfection can never take you all the way.
In developing the piece, Julia asked herself- "If I did a version of this iconic dance, what might that look like? I'm certainly not a well-known and celebrated dancer, and the only stage I can afford right now is the hardwood floor in my living room; however IF I were to interpret this dance through my artistic lens, how might that go? What is my take and perspective on it? What does it need? What is it missing?"

The result, I can guarantee, is like nothing you have ever seen in the ballet world before. This is ballet WAY up close. And it is also WAY beyond ballet. This is what happens when ballet takes a dip into the imaginal world, where possibilities open up and perfection is trumped by play.

The piece will take elements of the classic choreography of Bolero by Maurice Bèjart and insert playful investigation with the surprising and unpredictable world of true presence with an audience.

Reservations strongly encouraged at Eventbrite- link below under GET TICKETS
Suggested donation at door is $5-20 sliding scale

JUNE 14TH double feature with CLOWNFISH
JUNE 13TH and 15th double feature with Suitcase

  • Title VS The Gold
  • Performer Julia Brandenberger
  • Dates June 13th-15th, 8 PM
  • Runtime 30 minutes
  • Audience capacity 20
  • Venue 821 SE 29th Ave, Portland OR 97214
    Donation at door
  • Other credits CLOWN FISH- TreVor Wade, performing in tandem on June 14th
    SUITCASE- Bayley Brown, performing in tandem on June 13th and 15th

Advance reservations are not required for this show.